G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Snake Eyes

Well, this is probably the most-anticipated new figure of Wave 3...no matter how many people say that they're tired of the Overexposure that Snake Eyes receives, this is the figure that a lot of people have been talking about ever since the pictures were first seen on the web so many months ago. This was the first paint scheme folks saw, and some loved it and some hated it. Now that a new black and silver version has showed up on American Dream Comics everyone has pretty much fallen in love with that one. However, the gray version is now supposedly a "limited edition" so it may be the target of much hooplah over the next few months. But how is the figure itself? Is it the definitive Snake Eyes? Is it as cool as it looks? Well...yes, and no.

I am among the crowd who thinks that while the gray version looks neat, the black and silver one will end up being my definitive Snake Eyes that I use. Still, I think the gray version looks very, very cool. The mold is darn near perfect for display purposes. He has thick armor mixed with a mesh patterned uniform. On the armor, there are mini spikes set here and there and to me is reminiscent of the very cool Headhunter Stormtrooper. The figure is plastered with pouches, pads, straps and buckles that really bring out the "bad attitude" in my book. In the later issues of the Joe comic, Snake Eyes was often seen adorned with a wide array of different accessories, and I was always remiss that the actual figure didn't look quite like that. Well, this figure does. He has the classic visor that became a trademark of the character in 1985, with a ton of criss-crossed straps, some great shoulder pads, belts, grenades and everything else imaginable. I've owned this figure for over a week and I am still finding things nestled in his belts that I hadn't noticed before. Those monstrous pouches on his thighs have pistols wedged in there and he's got a cool sheathed knife on the back of his belt.

Some people have been complaining about the purple coloring of the figure, and really, I don't see a problem with it. The bulk of the figure is a great gray shade, but the purple highlights really add some nice touches...a great flair of color. The bandages wrapped around his legs also look awesome, even with their purple tinge.

But one of the biggest draws of this figure was it's poseability. Ever since Ninja Force, fans have been bitter about the thoughts of a Snake Eyes who could not be put in the wide array of poses that being a ninja would allow. This Snake Eyes should fix those issues...but with limits.

Despite what common opinion is, this figure does NOT have swivel thighs. He has swivel wrists, ankle joints, and everything else is the same as your run of the mill Joe figure. Swivel thighs would have actually been a very cool addition, but overall the figure is still very poseable...but there is a drawback.

As a fan of martial arts, I like having a figure that can side kick. That is an important aspect to me of a martial arts G.I. Joe figure. That's why I love the new Scarlett and Nunchuk figures, and is why I hate the new Storm Shadow figure. Snake Eyes falls somewhere in between. He can side kick, but those huge pouches on his thighs prevent him from achieving the full level of flexibility that I would prefer, which is why I wish he had swivel thighs. But this is a minor gripe, and this figure shines in almost every other respect, and will REALLY shine once he shows up in his black and silver color scheme. As it is, this a cool rendition of Snake Eyes, which will be even better once that shows up.

His weapons are cool and pretty accurate, I think...he doesn't come with an Uzi for the first time in a long time, but his machine gun looks awesome (and will look even better after some sound tab removal) and his newly sculpted sword and sheath work well. Overall, this is a cool version of everyone's favorite commando, which while he could be improved, is still a great figure.