G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Cobra Commander

Well, I got my wish...

Long ago, during my review of the Wave 1 Cobra Commander I said it could be the definitive version of Cobra Commander, if only it had O-Ring construction...well, I got my partial wish, anyway. The Commander is back, with an O-Ring! Unfortunately, his shoulders still maintain that odd bigness of the Wave 1 figures and his torso does not stay in the waist quite right, but it is still a very cool figure. The new uniform design, the cool shoulder pads and classic color scheme...it all works very well for Cobra Commander. If you haven't bought the Wave 1 Duke Vs. Cobra Commander figures at this point, don't bother. Grab this pack, and then buy the Wave 4 Duke Vs. Ripper when it comes out. Trust me, you'll be much happier!

Now if only they would rework the awesome black and red Cobra Commander into an O-Ring sculpt... all right, now I think I'm pushing my luck. :)

The staff is a nice addition to the figure as well. Cobra Commander has always needed a staff, and this is the first time he has received it! Of course, it has a sound tab of all the weird things...just FYI, I plugged this baby into my Fang III and it made a really bizarre hissing/choking noise, about the least threatening noise I can imagine coming from a Cobra instrument of destruction. :) Still, once I find the best way to remove the Sound Tab, I will be a happy camper!