G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Agent Scarlett v.2

Are we noticing a pattern here? Pretty cool Wave 2 sculpts redone in a different new paint scheme and re-released in the third wave? As I've said, it's a practice I don't condone and would rather not support, but Hasbro just does it too well.

The Scarlett from Wave 2 was officially my favorite Wave 2 figure and my favorite version of this uber-classic character. She was the female lead without question in both the toon and the comic formats. Her ties to both media's main characters made her an invaluable member of the Joe team and the tough-as-nails female warrior she should be. I don't make a secret of the fact that I prefer the comic continuity and characterizations over the cartoon, but Scarlett was a character I always thought the cartoon really nailed. Faux sweet and innocent one moment, and absolutely kicking Cobra tail the next...a very cool character who really shined in both translations. That made it all the more frustrating that there wasn't a plastic version of her that was any fun to use! This, of course, all ended with Wave 2...Wave 3 is just the exclamation point.

The Wave 3 version maintains all the coolness of the Wave 2, only in a much cooler color scheme! One main draw of the Wave 2 version was the similarity in colors she had with her first and most visible version...the tan and light green with red highlights is more or less a Scarlett trademark, and Wave 2 carried that on in spades. But Wave 3 went in a different direction. They took the awesome Scarlett mold and added some very cool darker colors to it. The green/black and metallic combo all really works together, I think. I can see Scarlett in this uniform slinking through the forests, ready for some real Covert Operations! While props absolutely must be given to Hasbro for how much the Wave 2 version retains the feel of the classic, I think Wave 3 is really a proper update. Some new colors, the same rocking mold...slap her with the AK instead of the Crossbow and we indeed have a Scarlett for the next generation!

Another cool item of note...this Scarlett's color scheme is also mildly reminiscent of the infamous "Quarrel" from Action Force. Green with black touch ups really compliment this character well. I'm actually tempted to pick up another one, give her some blonde hair and insert Quarrel into the Joe team as a European liason!

All in all, this Scarlett is a fun update to the original...still just a repaint, but a cool one at that.