G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Neo-Viper Commander

Just like the Desert C.L.A.W.S. pairing this Wave 1 repaint with a Wave 2 new sculpt figure just points out the deficiencies of the Wave 1 sculpt. While the Neo Vipe sculpt is a lot more pleasing than the C.L.A.W.S. one ended up being, there is still a big jump between the two and as such, they do not mesh very well.

However, the new paint job and new sculpt head for this figure do wonders. As I said in my review of the Crimson Strike Team something about red troopers really is cool to me, and this figure is no different. It also helps that his newly sculpted head is very reminiscent of the famed Crimson Guard, which adds even a nicer touch to the figure. Add that to the classic red uniform and silver neo-Cobra symbol and you have a pretty neat update and a little more effort put into it than just a straight repaint.

The Neo Viper Commander really looks the part, and I'm sure by the time Hasbro is done, he will have plenty of different Neo-Vipers to command. Already we have three different versions (this is the fourth) with at least one more to come in Wave 4. I actually am eagerly awaiting the Wave 4 version, looking forward to how they integrate this potentially cool figure into an O-Ring figure.

Besides the lack of O-Ring, my main complaint about the overall Neo Viper mold, is his hands. The position of the hands makes it tough for him to look realistic doing anything besides holding a weapon. Even crossing his arms or standing him at attention looks odd with his wrists and fingers shaped like they are. Still, this figure is slender for a Wave 1 mold and I think he fits in better than most.

Overall, Hasbro is pretty much slamming us with repaints it seems, but in this case they put at least a little more effort into it and gave us an okay new version of a new Cobra trooper.