G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Big Ben

Again, as with the Wave 2 Mirage, I'm not going to spend a lot of time reviewing this figure since I gave him a pretty exhaustive review inĀ the Wave 1.5 Version. Anything I said about the mold still stands with this figure. Since the figure was originally released in 1991, Big Ben's mold still holds up strong. The fur hat, machine gun belts, and great, classic mold really make this figure great, even today.

While the first figure had a great brown/green camo scheme, he then went to an Arctic Motif in 2001, and then the more subdued Wave 1.5 color scheme, with a lighter green/gray scheme. Now his colors stand out even more as an Urban Trooper, with light gray jacket and deeper gray pants. The colors are as nice as his scheme as ever been and suit him well as the foil of the ever-powerful Alley Viper.

Big Ben is still the only Joe representing the British SAS, and I think he represents it well, and is destined to now be a staple in the Joe universe.