G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Alley-Viper v.2

Ah, the Alley Viper...since 1989, one of my favorite branches of the Cobra forces. I've always felt strongly that the Urban battlefield is the battlefield of the future and if Cobra was to succesfully conquer their objectives, they need the Urban Troops to do it. The original Alley Viper was a terrific figure, and while I'm not sure the later versions quite matched up to his greatness, they were definitely cool figures in their own rights, and Hasbro just keeps making them better.

I don't see this figure as a real improvement over Wave 1.5, though. The dull blue color compliments the gray just perfectly, and really works as an Urban Trooper. The red does not mesh quite as well, but is still a very eye catching color scheme, especially with the almost metallic faceplate and battleshield.

I see these new Alley Vipers as the Crimson Branch. All of my Crimson Based figures will eventually be separated off into Cobra's Specialized Crimson Branch. The CST Vipers will be the troopers, with Morays, Alley Vipers and others as the support troops. Squad leaders will be Neo Viper Commanders with other Crimson Troops filtered in here and there. I see them as a highly specialized frontline attack squad, very well trained to be the first responders so to speak...the first Cobra Troops to hit the front line and cause the most damage. Eventually, when the BJ's Exclusive comes out, I will have even more Crimson Troops to bring to that team.

At any rate, this new Alley Viper continues in the tradition of great Urban Troopers, however he is to be used. He does need some new weaponry, though...the Crimson Twins' pistol just doesn't cut it, but there's plenty out there to choose from!