G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Storm Shadow

First and foremost for all of these 2002 reviews, I am going to streamline a little bit. If you want basic information and pics of filecards, packaged figures and what weapons came with whom, go check out YoJoe. Eugene has all of the basic pictures up and they’re great as usual! He’s got the necessary information. Me, I’m just gonna tell you what I think of ‘em! 
Here is Storm Shadow:

The classic nemesis for Snake Eyes, the Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow returns to his evil terrorist assassin roots. Clad in his classic white, black and red, this is a Storm Shadow for the next century. 

There are so many parallels between this figure and Snake Eyes, that it would take a long time to explain them all. But let me start at the beginning: Like his sword brother, this Storm Shadow figure has such AWESOME potential…but in the end, falls somewhat short of the classic stature it could have had.

This figure is anti-Snake Eyes, which is the way he was intended, and comes across nicely that way, too. Clad in bright colors instead of dark, but in a similar uniform style you can really picture these two as polar opposites to eachother. And each one is designed terrifically moldwise, but does fall short in the articulation department.

I have to wonder…why does the articulation on these two make such an impact? I think I know the answer. These two figures are very, very cool, detail wise. Storm Shadow’s assorted ninja gimmicks…his great straps and attached weapons. The awesome white and red color scheme, the scowling face underneath the red mask with embossed Cobra sigil. This could have been SUCH a great figure, it really makes me want to use him alongside my classics. But alas, his body style just will not allow it. I think that is what upsets me more about Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. They would be SO cool in O-Ring format that I just want to use them that way, and am comparing them to the classic style rather than the 2002 style, and that really doesn’t work. I love this Storm Shadow figure…he is the greatest. But I only wish I could use him with the others…it’s the same frustration I had with the Ninja Force Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow…design-wise, they were excellent! But articulation and movement wise, they just couldn’t compete. It’s the same feeling I get with these two, and I can only hope they get the O-Ring treatment at some point.

But back to Storm Shadow…Hasbro did a great job of modernizing the right parts of him, while keeping other parts classic. It’s a great package from the deep crimson mask and the shuriken, to the red wrapped bandages on the wrists and shins. His pouches for whatever ninja goodies he might need are well placed and nicely adorned, and he maintains his sinister look. The facial sculpt is awesome as well, even under the cloth mask. The eyes and skin tone even look Asian.

But, then we come to the movement issues. His left arm is hampered by a pouch on his chest and cannot lower flush with his torso. Also, his legs look somewhat short and stumpy compared with the rest of his body, which is really unfortunate. They are pre-posed in a cocky sort of stance, which works, but the lack of hip movement really hampers his use as a ninja. The equipment he comes with is very, very cool (minus the Uzi, which I immediately gave as an extra to C.L.A.W.S. and all in all, the figure has such great potential. In the realm of 2002, he is a great one, but I only wish I could use him with the other figures.