G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Cobra Moray

First and foremost for all of these 2002 reviews, I am going to streamline a little bit. If you want basic information and pics of filecards, packaged figures and what weapons came with whom, go check out YoJoe. Eugene has all of the basic pictures up and they’re great as usual! He’s got the necessary information. Me, I’m just gonna tell you what I think of ‘em!

The menacing Cobra Moray is Cobra’s new elite underwater trooper. Genetically enhanced and highly trained, the Moray is a deadly combination of Eel and Hydro Viper, and Cobra’s newest threat! 

I will say right off the bat, it was the Moray mold at the San Diego Comic Convention that made me optimistic for the 2002 figures regardless of their construction. His mold blew me away so much that I was almost willing to overlook the lack of an O-Ring in my beloved Joes. Almost.

Let me digress for a moment…I would imagine many people reading this (and my other 2002 reviews) would think that I love these new figures regardless of whether or not they have an O-Ring. This is simply not the case.

I am reviewing/profiling these figures in their context of 2002 figures…I cannot compare them to the "regular" Joes simply because they could not compare and will not compare. The O-Ring construction was the most terrific invention in action figure history, and I think single handedly revolutionized the way toys are made, and G.I. Joe’s success would have been far less without it. Did I feel like I got punched in the gut when I heard they were removed. Heck yeah. It sucked. But am I willing to give the 2002’s the credit they deserve in their own context? Yup. Are these my old Joes? No freakin way. They can’t compare. But are they good toys? Sure thing. Playing with these new figures has reinforced the fact that I really don’t think they can ever mesh with my originals…it just won’t work. But they have a purpose in their own right, and I think deserve their shot. But I’ll tell ya…when I can see molds of this detail and figures of this raw quality retro-fitted into the old construction style…I will be as giddy as a school girl!!

Okay…now that that nonsense is out of the way, let’s get on with the show. I was talking about Moray’s mold…wow. An AWESOME display of Hasbro’s sculpting prowess. The sleek body suit mixed with the wrinkly, leathery undersuit, covered by the cool metallic purple air tanks and metal gloves. This figure ROCKS, plain and simple. An awesome, sleek mold with a downright nasty visage complimented by great Cobra-like colors. This is an Eel for the new generation!

The filecard even mentions the Eel as being a background for this figure and this is a great throwback to the classic Cobra frogman. The helmet and mask style…the dark gray and black color scheme. The Moray draws a lot of inspiration from the Eel and would really mix well, if it were in the correct construction format. I am more than impressed with the mold detailing, and could go on for hours on that alone…heck, the helmet and mask alone could keep me gushing for a long time!!

But, the figure is unfortunately, not perfect. First of all, the weapons. He comes with Undertow’s cool enough trident, but then is saddled with that more than bizarre laser rifle abomination. That thing is pretty much garbage, and it’s unfortunate that Moray is accessorized with it. That, however, is simple to change. His leg position is not.

Moray’s legs are actually posed all right, except that his feet are at almost 90 degree angles. This makes trying to get him to crouch a humorous affair. Bend his legs slightly and the foot rubs against the leg in a strange vision, and this as with many of the 2002’s really takes away from the overall figure. So many of these figures are SO close to being the ultimate in G.I. Joe toys, but just fall slightly short. Moray is no exception. If he were designed in the tried and true O-Ring format, I would have armies. As it is, I will stick the the 2 I’ve got.