G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Gung Ho

First and foremost for all of these 2002 reviews, I am going to streamline a little bit. If you want basic information and pics of filecards, packaged figures and what weapons came with whom, go check out YoJoe. Eugene has all of the basic pictures up and they’re great as usual! He’s got the necessary information. Me, I’m just gonna tell you what I think of ‘em!

The original G.I. Joe Marine returns in all of his glory. With a new look and some great army fatigues, the famous Cajun Jarhead comes back to the Joe front lines. 

Gung Ho, along with his pack-in partner, Destro is another pleasant surprise in the 2002 line. Everything I’d heard about this figure was terrible from his bland uniform to his strange goateed visage. I couldn’t disagree more…I think Gung Ho is a great addition to the 2002 line.

His uniform his a classic dark green fatigue, which is as it should be. He is adorned with the requisite straps and pouches, along his legs and shoulders, and over his wide chest. The colors are green, brown, and black and really look military, which is terrific and something that Hasbro cannot always accomplish. I love the dog tags as well, a great little touch to the overall look of the figure. He really exemplifies the classic look of a Special Forces trooper.

What really sets this figure off as a great one is actually what a lot of folks have been unhappy about. His face. As with most of the 2002 lines’ figures, the face sculpt is VERY nicely done, especially in such a small scale. It really has character, and even with a goatee I think looks a lot like the Gung Ho of old. His hat is perfect as well and I LOVE the holsters on Gung Ho.

Like Heavy Duty I was quite worried that the holsters and knife sheaths would really hamper the figure’s playability, but really, they work quite well. The pistol fits well as does the knife:

But of course, as with all of the 2002’s, the figure does come with it’s drawbacks. The upper body bulkiness really does make this figure stand out and his arms, as per the usual, are far to large. His proportions actually look relatively accurate, but his lack of leg movement and bulky upper body really take away. Yet another figure that could have been a classic, but instead will only be used for display.