G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Headman

While a lot of Joe fans heckled and chided the infinite number of subgroups that littered the later years of G.I. Joe’s storied past, there were a few that really struck a cord with me that I was really, really impressed with.  One of those was the Drug Elimination Force, or the D.E.F.A lot of fans are not crazy about this subgroup, whether they feel the molds were lacking, or the characters weren’t good or what have you…personally, I will never understand it, as I think the D.E.F. was one of the coolest subgroups out there, for both political reasons and because they’re just a great bunch of figures of a great bunch of characters.

As if anyone reading my profiles needs proof, by all means, check out my newest Dio Story, Concrete Jungle and see just how many D.E.F. members make appearances!

But, like the G.I. Joe team itself, the subteams are only as good as the enemies they fight, and that’s where the D.E.F. really shines.  Just looking at Headman, you can tell what a slimebag he is.  The greased back ponytail…little beard…that burglar’s mask and sneer.  He’s a dirtbag through and through, and this was expressed very well back in the day when he was a Drug Dealer and crime kingpin.  Even his cronies, Gristle, the Headhunters and Headhunter Stormtroopers were all very cool figures and pretty menacing bad guys.

Now time has changed…things are a little more PC these days, so Headman is not a druglord, but is instead a “smuggler”.  And he is no longer leading a small group of thugs and criminals, he is now fully employed with Cobra, and he’s looking good doing it!I’ve always loved Headman’s simple zoot suit mold and thought it suited him exceptionally well.  Time has not changed.  He still wears the suit, only now instead of the black and gold, he is clad in a bright orange.  While normally, this might be considered a little excessive for a Joe figure, for Headman, it really, REALLY works.  He adds a great little spice of color into a Joeline that as of late has been all about drab greens and dull blacks and grays.  Not that there’s anything wrong with those colors, mind you…actually, I am quite fond of the darker hued Joes…but for Headman, this orange “pimpsuit” if you will works and works well!

I can completely see Headman leading Cobra’s Urban operations from afar, commanding Alley Viper legions this way and that, completely drunk with the power at his fingers.  He is but a small cog in the Cobra wheel, but considers himself the most important of Cobra Commander’s generals, and this personality can cause him some problems, especially among the likes of Major Bludd, Destro, and Zartan.  But Cobra Commander entertains his overestimated self-worth, simply because his knowledge of the streets and pure lust for money makes him someone that Cobra Commander can depend on to do the job and who won’t betray him, because he knows he can’t afford to. 

All in all, this Headman is a more than respectable update to a great original figure, and he will be the definitive Headman that I use from now on!