The Winged Victory at Samothrace

First and foremost, big thanks to Daniel for letting me borrow these sets so I could provide reviews for them!

Based upon the ancient sculpture of the same name, the Winged Victory at Samothrace set includes a beautiful replica of the aforementioned statue, and includes a pair of Sol Commander figures. While I do enjoy the story that the Acid Rain folks have been telling through their posts on the Acid Rain World Blog, I'm not entirely sure what the significance of this piece of art is, or if there is a certain battle that focuses on this region, but you can't argue with the craftsmanship that went into the design of this miniaturized replica.

I suppose the main draw here would be the pair of Sol Commander figures, and I wondered if there were any differences between these and the one offered in the single pack, and honestly, I can't find any. The paint applications look much the same, the articulation works the same, the only real difference appears to be the inclusion of the statue and the base (hand numbered and signed). While there is a definite lean towards artistic expression in this toyline, I'm still not really positive what the reason for including the statue was (beyond perhaps the designer just liking it).

I posted my review of the Sol Commander, and everything I said about that figure holds true here as well, because the same two figures come with this set. They are very nicely articulated, with some softer material used (except on the weapon, which is a very rigid plastic). The statue and statue base is very solid, thick, and heavy, and I do find the work done in replicating the full sized Winged Victory to be remarkable.

Beyond that, there isn't much more to specify here. If you like the Sol Commander figures, you'll find nice value in this set, getting two figures plus the status for around the same price as buying two figures separately, perhaps even cheaper. Along with this, there's a nice display element here, too that is very well sculpted, feels very solid, and adds a great atmosphere to your display.

Also make sure to keep hitting Big Bad Toy Store to buy these things. I think they're worth dipping your toes into.

Now I needs me some vehicles!