G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Kwinn

First of all, a huge thanks to pre-production collector Glumby for sliding this figure my way after he received an early sample. It was a packaged sample, so I feel confident that this is a production level figure, and should not differ from the figures you get off of your local shelves.

So this is what it feels like, huh? So this is what it feels like to actually own and hold in my hand a final production version of Kwinn in his jungle fatigues. I've been waiting for this moment for over three decades...about two and three-quarters decades after Kwinn has died...was it worth the wait?

Now before I go much further, please remember that I did review a pre-production sample of the 30th Anniversary version of this figure quite a while ago, so I have some experience with Kwinn. I am extremely thankful that I had that opportunity, but as such, this figure doesn't retain the "newness" that the figure did back then, but regardless, I cannot properly express how hard Hasbro knocked this ball out of the park. Kwinn is one of those transcendent characters in the G.I. Joe mythology, who in spite of not having a comic accurate action figure for most of the last 30 years, managed to live on in G.I. Joe fan hearts and live strongly. This particular figure has an interesting history, originally planned for the 30th Anniversary line several years ago, but pushed back and pushed back, and even brought to the brink of threatened cancelation before Hasbro was able to miraculously get him into the G.I. Joe: Retaliation line.

I honestly cannot think of any ways they could have made this figure better. He is a very accurate representation of the character from the comic books, with his nice bulky cargo shorts, his scowl, his trusty bowl-cut, and his weasel necklace. The sculpting and detail work on this figure are both immaculate, and I'm happy to report the look and feel of this version of Kwinn are an exact match for the pre-production version I held previously. I don't feel any obvious difference in plastic material, the articulation is all intact, and the figure as a whole is just as rock solid and fantastic as it was back then.

Range of motion and articulation are both commendable, and I love how they used the wrist articulation with this figure. I feel fairly certain that they practically invented this wrist articulation so a figure could hold the sniper rifle they included here. It works to perfection. From newly sculpted head to knee-socks and combat boots, this Kwinn figure is spectacular.


Does anyone expect me to run through all of these accessories? Good grief, I hope not. Trust me, there are a lotta them. LOTTA. We have two machine gun belts (with the trusty Ma-Deuce and tripod), a bacpack, sniper rifle, belt, back cover with straps, weasel necklace, shotgun and all sorts of great Eskimo-themed hunting and trapping equipment. Kwinn is just flat out loaded with accessores, and fantastic accessories to boot. I especially love the well detailed belt with working holster and canteen. It's a relatively small touch, but it adds so much, and it fits his revolver perfectly.

I already mentioned the sniper rifle and how nicely he can hold that weapon. Look, there are a ton of weapons and accessories. Look at the picture, appreciate them, and buy this figure as soon as you see it!

I will admit it's a little odd to see such a vintage themed call-back figure packaged in G.I. Joe: Retaliation packaging, but I really don't care. Whatever it takes to get this marvelous figure in my hands is totally cool with me. It's a great sculpt, flawless articulation, impressive paint apps, and a monstrous collection of weapons. BUY THIS THING.


The images below are from the pre-production 30th Anniversary Kwinn, but the figure remains much the same