Discount Store/Dollar Store Storm Shadow (Running Change)

I never would have suspected 14 years ago when I got into this online community that the fandom would actually be clamoring for a new figure based on T'Guinzu. Back then, before the times of T-Crotch...before the times of Stephen Sommers, Sigma 6, or G.I. Joe: Renegades, the source of all community frustration seemed to be the 90's. The bright colors, the spring-loaded weapons, the over-abundance of ninjas.

How times have changed. I'm not sure if it's because a lot of the 90's era kids and collectors are online in larger numbers (where us old farts in the late 90's were primarily 80's spawn) but whatever the case, when this figure was first revealed by Gyre-Viper what seems like years ago, the fandom was actually extremely excited.

Now, realistically, this is pretty far from a 100% accurate T'Ginzu replica, but considering what we know about these discount store exclusives, I think it works pretty darn well. The fact that a Hasbro designer would even think to go Ninja Force when looking for an homage is pretty awesome, in my opinion. The base figure is the 30th Anniversary/Renegades Storm Shadow, which is quite simply one of the greatest figures designed in recent years. That certainly helps the cool factor of this version.

He uses the same paint application and deco as his predecessor, as is required for any "running change" version (as production costs must remain the same) but with some adjusted colors to make him look at least a little more like T'Ginzu. Again, awesome.

EDIT - As GeneralsJoes Reader Ben Thomas points out, the deco for this figure is actually an almost exact match for the box art/filecard art for T'Ginzu as he appeared with the Pile Driver! Good eye, Ben, and good homage, Hasbro. I don't know why, but that just makes me love the figure that much more. So cool. Check out the below image (courtesy,

Articulation is fantastic, the color matching is really good, and this is without a doubt pretty much the shining star of the running change line of Discount Store exclusives (being found primarily at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and the occasional Dollar General).

Accessories include the same sword, bow, hood, and sash as the original, just in some adjusted colors where appropriate. He also comes with a battle stand, which is cool considering the main release figures from G.I. Joe: Retaliation don't even have that. I like the choice of blue coloring on the weapons, as it matches the weapons molded to T'Ginzu's vintage action figure.

While I think my favorite figure in this assortment is probably the Shipwreck, this version of Storm Shadow is right up there as well. A fantastic base figure, some very inspired homage choices, and a nice, clean deco make for a very fun figure that is already in hot demand on the secondary market. In fact, such hot demand that I had to depend on awesome friend of the site Loc to let me borrow this one for review purposes. You da man, Loc!