Discount Store/Dollar Store Shipwreck (Running Change)

One of the shining stars of the first release of the Discount Store exclusives was the original Shipwreck. Using a great combination of parts and a very familiar color pallet, we got ourselves an excellent looking Devils' Due era Shipwreck. Now, for the running change version, they go in a slightly different direction, yet it still remains exceedingly successful, in my opinion.

Using different shades of green rather than blue and gray, they've managed to give us a great Shipwreck update that could provide a template for a number of Original 13 updates. We all remember the 30th Anniversary Stalker and how awesome that version of the figure was. Imagine if almost every original 13 member got similar updates using the templates you see above. That would be pretty amazing. Heck, the parts could even just be used as templates for some green shirt troops as well. There are a ton of different options.

The parts choices here are fantastic. The commando Snake Eyes arms and torso work amazingly well from a design and function standpoint, with great articulation, amazing looking sculpting and a really nice update to this figure. The legs are from G.I. Joe: Renegades Duke which is a terrific choice (like the last version) bringing the sculpting all together into one heck of a nice looking generic military commando in green.

While the Snake Eyes figure managed to be a great vintage homage, the range of motion of his parts sort of suffered for it. In Shipwreck's case it's a terrific looking figure with a wealth of great functionality to boot. I can't think of many complaints here, even if the lack of different paint applications doesn't make this figure "pop" like some mass retail versions do. As mentioned, though, for these budget figures, that comes with the territory. The design team does a great job designing this figure on a budget, yet still making an incredibly cool looking action figure.


Like Snake Eyes, the accessory compliment isn't huge, but it is very successful. He's got the scuba backpack and facemask from the Rise of Cobra Shipwreck as well as the laser pistol from the G.I. Joe: Renegades version of Duke (which plugs into his leg). Again, not a huge amount of accessories, but some very cool gear that works for Shipwreck's specialty.

Shipwreck is an amazingly cool figure. He was terrific in the blue and gray, and he's equally terrific in various shades of green. There isn't really a direct homage you can point to for this character and this color scheme, but I think using the commando sweater look as the foundation for a more modern original 13 is a terrific idea and this could provide some perfect custom fodder.

A really awesome figure. Pick this one up. Heck, grab multiples (if you can find 'em!)