G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Cobra Trooper

Yes this figure was released with Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5. Yes this figure is the exact same figure we got only a couple of scant months ago.

Yes, you absolutely to buy this figure if you see it, even if you already have it. After all, it's only one of the best Cobra Trooper figures Hasbro has released over the past three decades. I know, I know... hyperbole much?

As I mentioned in my previous review, the Cobra Trooper uses the Shock Trooper upper parts, with the awesome Commando Snake Eyes legs and the end result is a very poseable, very detailed and bulky Cobra Trooper, that manages to retain all of the blueshirt classicness, yet mesh perfectly with more modern style figures.

If I have any complaints about this re-issued figure, I do wish he had come with some better weapons as the Cobra Viper did. Sadly, he is still hindered by the old school and dull Dragonuv, which is not a weapon becoming this updated Trooper. I would have much rather seen him come with the Shock Troopers assault rifle or something similar. But really, after three decades I have enough spare weapons to scatter throughout my Cobra army, and can't complain a whole lot.

Above image from Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 version. Accessory compliment is unchanged.

Judging by how often this figure appeared on retail shelves at the end of the Pursuit of Cobra line, I'm very happy to see him re-issued. This is a figure that collectors deserve to have clogging their display shelves, so the easier he is to find, the better. I have strongly reduced my troop building buying habits, but I now have seven of these Cobra Troopers, and I don't plan to stop there.


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