G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Blowtorch

Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but was Blowtorch a figure people were actually clamoring for? If I remember right, I think most of us liked the way he looked, but weren't crazy about his restricted articulation. But by and large anyone who wanted Blowtorch was pretty much able to get him.

Maybe I'm wrong?

For whatever reason, Hasbro saw fit to re-release him in a very similar paint scheme with just some added accessories, and a promised re-color down the line. Well, "down the line" doesn't help me much right now, so I've gotta review what I have, and what I have is a figure I don't really need or want.

Here's the funny thing. In its own way, this figure is superior to the original Blowtorch, in my opinion...head to toe, it's a better figure. But the changes are so minor that this release is essentially unnecessary. While the base construction is the same as the previous figure, there are some nice cosmetic changes that improve the overall look, but not enough to make it worthy of a second release.

First and foremost the colors are a bit more vibrant. The yellow is a bit brighter, the red is deeper and more appealing, and I like that the facemask is light green instead of yellow (even if it isn't a direct homage to the original). One weird thing, though, is the height. For some odd reason, the newer figure seems a bit...shorter than the initial release. Maybe it's just perception, I don't know.

Blowtorch also comes with a bunch of various accessories that improve the figure way above and beyond the standard flamethrower and gear that the original came with. Along with the more familiar accessories, this version of Blowtorch comes with a machine gun, a couple of explosive mines, and some other trinkets to improve the value of the Anniversary replacement.

But even with all of these additions, the figure still rings a bit hollow, since it's almost a direct replacement of a figure already released and easily available. If you do not yet own the Anniversary Wave 13 Blowtorch, and you need to make a choice, this version is the figure you want, but if you already have Blowtorch (as many Joe fans likely do, since he was pretty easily accessible) than I can find no particular reason to recommend this replacement.

Well...unless you want him sporting that goofy grin as he buries an axe in a Cobra Trooper's skull. There is always that.

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