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Boxed Set Recap

G.I. Joe: Resolute Cobra Boxed Set - A Recap

While I've covered every individual figure within the set, considering there are so many wide-ranging figure styles, tooling choices, etc... I felt it was appropriate to also do a full boxed set "recap". After all, the majority of folks are going to be buying the entire set, not piecemeal, so doesn't it make sense to talk about whether or not the entire set is successful as a whole?

The short answer is... yes.

Either you're a Resolute fan or you're not. If you're a Resolute fan anyway, this set is a no-brainer. So many important Cobra characters that never got the toy treatment are all available in one spot.

If you're enough of a Resolute fan that you already picked up early samples of Destro or the Baroness, is this set STILL worth it? I still say yes. Destro looks much more polished, has a much richer, somewhat darker color pallet, and the new machine gun is simply incredible. Sure, he now lacks a second cybernetic arm, but I think the kick ass weapon more than makes up for it. The Baroness here is worlds better than she was in test shot form as well.

Yes, suffering through yet another Cobra Commander is a drag, but that's really the main drawback of the set. Sure, Storm Shadow isn't as good as he could be, but he's a critical component of the story, and having him in toy form (even somewhat unexciting toy form) is important.

Beyond those minor issues, every figure in here is a winner. Zartan is incredible, the Alley-Viper is great, Destro is amazing, and Firefly is pretty damn cool as well. Lots of weapons, some neat gear, and terrific updates to your favorite characters. Sure, it would have been nice if we could have gotten a couple of Alley-Vipers, and yeah, there were some minor modifications scattered throughout that would have been great to see, but ultimately, for all of the reused tooling in this set, it was a raging success. As a fan of the Resolute designs, this set was right up my alley.

The only reason the set as a whole doesn't get five stars is because of Cobra Commander, only having 1 Alley-Viper, and the somewhat "blah" Storm Shadow. But it's a close call.