If you'd asked G.I. Joe fans what the brand needed 5 years ago, I'd bet that "more ninjas" would be about last on the list, yet Devils' Due created a character as Snake Eyes' apprentice, and for whatever reason, he really caught on.

I think a big part of his popularity is probably thanks to Brandon Jerwa's fantastic Master and Apprentice series', and his interesting ties to the Marvel continuity, but whatever the reason is, Kamakura is one of the Devils' Due aspects that really stuck around. As with most characters, Kamakura got a Rise of COBRA twist in this new line, and honestly? I love it.

Using all existing tooling from old school Storm Shadow, as well as a perfect merge of the Reactive Armor, we get a very nice movie-themed version of Snake Eyes' pupil that fits in terrifically with the modern aesthetic.

The light blue paint apps are an interesting choice that doesn't really mesh with colors that Kamakura has had throughout his appearences, but they still work pretty well. It's a very different look from other Rise of COBRA Reactive Armor figures, but the paint apps make this new look work extremely well. Having a light blue Reactive Armor chest pad over a black uniform is an awesome way to give him a bit of uniqueness, and the camouflage scheme on his pants works well, too.

Looking at the weapons, Kamakura is absolutely loaded. Sharing lots of parts with the 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow, he also shares a bulk of his weapons with the Comic Pack Devil's Due inspired Storm Shadow. The backpack, swords, and even the Uzi are all taken from that figure, and are utilized to near perfection. The Uzi makes sense, being that Kamakura is an apprentice to infamous ninja Snake Eyes, and I really love this backpack as well. Of course, he comes with the typical spring-loaded obnoxiousness (this time the crossbow that comes with Scarlett as well), but that can be tossed aside and you still have a very nice assortment of weapons that are functional and awesome as well.

Kamakura has never been one of my favorite characters, but this version of him is really great. He's a bit small in stature, but has a great design (even with all the reused tooling) and some very nice weapons. It helps that he plays a big part in the video game as well. A very cool figure, even as a ninja. I definitely recommend him.

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