G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Arctic Snake Eyes

Yeah, looking at that picture up there, you gotta be thinking "that is one goofy looking bastard". And yeah, in that get up, frankly he is. But thankfully he comes with some much better and much poofier accessories that make him look considerably less goofy and a lot better.

The base figure actually has a decent amount of new tooling. The baggy arctic clothes are a pretty neat look, and really make the figure kind of stand out amongst more normally dressed characters. The trend started with the Ice-Viper, and it is also translated pretty well here, too. Even nicer than the Ice Viper, though, is the fact that Snake Eyes' knees still are able to be double-jointed, even with the oversized sculpting. A cool touch.

Unfortunately, because of the bagginess of the look, his arms don't fare so well. The elbow joint ends up extremely limited and he really cannot bend his arms very well at all. Certainly not well enough to hold any kind of rifle with two hands.

Using the movie look as a guide, Arctic Snake Eyes has a basic white uniform, with splotches of light gray camouflage, which looks pretty neat. His head is pretty distinct and different, going with an all black facemask and a stark white visor. It matches the Paramount design pretty well, all told.

Snake Eyes comes with a decent number of complimentary accessories, which help showcase his arctic specialty, but don't end up over-burdening him with gear he can't carry. He's got a pretty huge oversized backpack with straps that connect in the front, which contains a nifty grappling hook mechanism inside.

He also comes with a sash that slings over his chest, a pistol, a sword, and an ice pick. Everything an arctic ninja needs to scale a mountain and pop a cap in someone's ass.

His vest is an oversized parka, which slips over the torso nicely, with a raised hood covering his head. While the end result leaves him even more restricted in movement, he is a dead ringer for the Rise of Cobra arctic design, which is pretty cool. Anyone who has read these reviews knows I'm a sucker for the toy matching the media, so he gets bonus points for this.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a toy to fill a hole in your Rise of Cobra collection, don't feel too bad about picking this guy up, especially if you can get him for cheap. If you're just looking for an arctic-based Snake Eyes, do yourself a favor and pick up the Pursuit of Cobra version instead. Even though he's advertised as "Desert Battle" he makes for a cool arctic Snake Eyes, and certainly more bang for your buck than this guy is.

As a figure that accurately resembles his appearance in the film, I give this figure some props. He looks pretty unique, and still will fit into your mainstream collection. However, by now there are much better options for a snow-based ninja commando, so I'm not sure you should go out of your way to dig up this one.