Cover Girl

JERRY: So far, Cover Girl has been the only character from the 1984 G.I wave to have not been given a figure in the 25th Anniversary style, and many Joe fans have been clamoring for her.  Over the years, Cover Girl has managed to be a popular character, appearing in the cartoons and the comics, yet we have only seen two action figures of her in 25+ years.  How surprising it was to learn that she would be in the movie and would also have an action figure released so early in the line.  So far in the first month of the movie line, we’ve gotten four female characters, while during the 2 year run of the 25th anniversary line, we only got three.  Plus the movie line has a red head, a blonde, a brunettte, and a freaky goth girl with black and white hair!  What’s not to love so far?!

As a figure, Cover Girl is quite good, although some fans will surely be disappointed to learn that she is not a red head, but a blonde.  My guess is that the movie needed another female character and they didn’t want folks unfamiliar with G.I. Joe to confuse Cover Girl and Scarlet.  If that doesn’t satisfy you, just pretend that Cover Girl’s being blonde is a throwback to the early episodes of the Sunbow cartoon which depicted Cover Girl as blonde. 

JERRY: For a 3 ¾ figure with the same amount of articulation as any of her male counterparts, Cover Girl is appropriately feminine.  I will concede, however, that the head sculpt does not accurately resemble the actress playing Cover Girl, but it is much better than the headsculpts on the Baroness and Scarlet in her blue camouflage.  It might be a little mannish, perhaps resembling ever so slightly one of the terrorists from the original Die Hard film (the guy with the long blonde hair) but really it isn’t too bad for the scale it is in.  I imagine that it can be hard to sculpt realistically in 1/18th scale.

JUSTIN: Yeah, I'm amazed at how nicely Cover Girl came out...heck, most of the Rise of COBRA females seem exceptionally well done, at least from the neck down. Some of the faces still need some work, but body proportion and shape sculpting has gotten exceptionally better since the first 5-Pack Baroness and Scarlett figures. It's a world of difference.

JERRY: Her uniform is nice.  Just the standard camouflaged BDUs, which work for a variety of scenarios.  Something especially cool about the figure is the ID badge clipped onto her left breast pocket.  It is a neat little detail that helps make the figure stand out from other figures.  This could have been an easy opportunity for reuse, as Hasbro could have simply used the same body for Scarlet and Cover Girl, but thankfully they didn’t.

JUSTIN: Yeah, definitely. I think her torso and upper arms are from the last 5-Pack Lady Jaye, but it is a nice separation from Scarlett and makes the figure look nicely different in this new universe.

JERRY: While her role in the movie seems to be that of an administrative assistant to General Hawk, her figure still comes armed with enough weapons to fight back against any Cobra threat.  First of all are her two small silver pistols.  She really looks great holding both of them and they suit her well.  Secondly is her bullpup styled assault rifle, which appears to be some variant of a Steyr Aug.  So far, weapon appears to be unique to Cover Girl, and not the same weapon which comes with so many of the other Joe team members.  Of course, she also comes with a laptop, which is the same as the one included with Breaker.  It is a nice accessory that makes sense with the character. 

JUSTIN: I don't know why, but I absolutely love Cover Girl's weapons. Her submachine gun isn't that drastically different from most of the other FN 2000's, though this one has a much sleeker and cooler design. Even with only minor differences, though, I really love the look of the gun, the the twin pistols are great, too. I would have liked to have seen the little digital keyboard that Cover Girl used so much in the film, but the laptop works well enough as it is.

JERRY: Lastly is her standard Hasbro issue obligatory BFG spring loaded monstrosity (I think that would be a SHIOBFGSLM) which appears to be a rail gun of some sort.  It does have a fold down handle in the middle, but honestly I cannot figure out any way for the figure to hold it.    I’m not sure what the intended purpose of the weapon is, but in all honesty, Hasbro could just be using old Kenner molds from the Waterworld line to create huge unusable for the Rise of Cobra figures. Since none of the figures can use their weapons, it is a plausible theory.  It has the same strange peg on the bottom of it which is identical to the one on the turret included with both Breaker and Lt. Stone, but there is no base for the rail gun to be attached to.  Recently, I have learned however that this peg is compatible with some attachment points on the PIT.  I am not sure why Hasbro didn’t keep the attachment points and pegs from the DTC line, but at least it makes the accessory make some more sense.

JERRY: Overall, I really like Cover Girl.  Sure, the face isn’t perfect, but it conveys the character and is quite unique.  I love the variety of accessories the figure comes with, as well.  Cover Girl is a fantastic addition to the movie line and is definitely one of my favorite figures so far.  She doesn’t do anything particularly unique, but I think she does everything well and is a solid figure.

JUSTIN: Yeah, I'm a big fan of this figure as well. I haven't really been wow'ed by the gray camouflage figures to this point, just because they kind of stand out amongst the Reactive Armor "combat" figures, but I can't deny that these have been some really nice toys as well. Both Scarlett and Cover Girl look great in their camouflage fatigues, yet also look nicely different from each other, too, have great articulation, and a very nice accessory compliment. Tough to find too many flaws here, even if she doesn't necessarily resemble the character from 1984.