Rex "The Doctor" Lewis

The first time we got a glimpse of The Doctor, it was a Halloween costume, and frankly, it looked somewhat ridiculous. For some reason that facemask looked pretty low budget and the character looked about as far from sinister as you can imagine, especially considering who this character is really supposed to represent.

However, I have to say, usually when a toy comes out, it tries to compliment the film...this time, from what I've seen, the toy actually outdoes the film. They managed to take a character that looks hit or miss and made an absolutely kick ass toy out of it. The Doctor rocks, plain and simple.

The funny thing is, at face value, the Doctor isn't much more than just a dude in black with a black trenchcoat and a funky facemask. But there's so much more to it. It would seem that wrapped leather is a pre-requisite for COBRA membership these days, as Storm Shadow, Baroness, and now The Doctor all have it. It's tough to tell in the bulky trenchcoat, but The Doctor has nicely sculpted wrinkled uniform and straps pretty much everywhere, and is actually a pretty slim build. This sculpting and build gives him great range of motion and articulation, which I suppose isn't really necessary for a scientist, but it's cool anyway.

Immediately The Doctor character is driven by his head sculpt. At first glance, he looks like a scientist with an elaborate breathing aparatus on his lower face, but there's so much more than that.

With The Doctor, you don't just get a head sculpt, you get a three-piece "disguise" of sorts. The hair comes off to reveal a somewhat deformed bald head underneath, yet still remains somewhat in "Doctor" mode. But then you remove the breathing aparatus, and you get a scarred mess of a man buried underneath the technology. The breathing aparatus can only be removed by actually popping off the head, but it's still fairly easy.

Now, I have no idea how events progress in the Rise of COBRA film, but rumors abound that The Doctor and Cobra Commander are somehow linked...don't ask me how this face turns into this one. I gots no idea, but that'll be part of the fun come August 7th. One thing about the removable hair is that once it comes off, it doesn't really go back on firmly. Don't get me wrong, you can rest it on the crest of his melon and get it to stay and look presentable, but it just never goes back to being as solidly in place as it was originally. Nothing major, and it's still very workable, but just something that deserves mention.

Unlike most of the Rise of COBRA figures, The Doctor isn't a great figure in spite of his accessories, he's a great figure because of his accessories. Even though he's a desk-jockey, he comes with an awesome machine gun, and the rest of his gear is pretty much technology based. Cannisters of nanomachines, which fit seamlessly into his briefcase, a large claw grabber (which really works!), and two claw-like metallic hands as well. The accessories only serve to make The Doctor look even more sinister, evil, and malevolent. There is a nice assortment of interesting gear here. It's not all realistic, but I love it. If we're going to get force-fed spring-loaded oversized weapons, I have no issues with ones like the claw grabber...that's some pretty fun stuff!

The best thing about The Doctor is he can work within your Rise of COBRA universe, but he also looks different enough to be a totally new character for your COBRA forces. Some would say he absolutely does not work as COBRA Commander as he is rumored to be, but even if he doesn't, the figure itself simply kicks ass, and would work in pretty much any environment or any G.I. Joe universe. No matter what era you subscribe to, Rise of COBRA, Real American Hero, or even Resolute, this nasty looking COBRA scientist can fit in anywhere. One of my favorite figures of the line so far. Whether you like the film or not, get this one.

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