Paris Pursuit Baroness

The initial release of The Baroness from the "Attack on the Pit" sequence left a sour taste in a lot of collectors' mouths, mostly relating to the sculpting on the face. In fact, it left a sour taste in Sienna Miller's mouth as well, who has publicly chided her plastic representation.

While the Attack on the Pit version is probably the most familiar Baroness in a more traditional style, I think the Paris Pursuit version is the one that best represents how the character appeared in the film. The Paris Pursuit scene has been played time and time again in various TV spots, trailers, and snippets shown online, and the Baroness is always there in her flowing trenchcoat, often firing her familiar submachine guns. For that reason, I think this Baroness better represents the Rise of COBRA Baroness...and it also helps that the figure is generally much better than the first release.

First off, the head sculpt is minorly different, but much better than its predecessor. The sunglasses are sculpted on rather than removable, and the face sculpt is much slimmer and more attractive than the initial release. It also looks a great deal more like Sienna Miller than version 1 did.

Beyond the head sculpt, this figure has a ton of new tooling...her arms and torso are all completely new and different from the original. As an added bonus, her arms have amazing range of motion and articulation, and she can hold her veritable arsenal of weaponry amazingly well. Of course, the downside to this figure has to be her trenchcoat "skirt". While I really like how it looks and how reminiscent of the movie look it is, it does restrict her articulation significantly, which is a shame. Of course, it only takes a few seconds to take some queues from Alexx and cut her skirt somewhat to allow for better motion. Still, though, the restricted articulation straight out of the box is a shame.

Beyond that, though, I have very few complaints about this figure, from a parts and paint apps perspective. She looks worlds better than the original, has fantastic movement from the waist up, and looks very movie accurate.

Somewhere down the line, The Baroness became some sort of weapons smith...not sure exactly when it happened, but early samples of the Resolute version of the figure had her loaded down with crazy assault rifles, and now this Paris Pursuit version has a heavy allotment of some nasty looking guns herself. Very nice submachine guns pulled straight from the movie screen, and I really dig seeing that. It is somewhat unusual that this version doesn't sport any pulse pistols at all, though she does come with a very cool looking pulse rifle that never ended up being used in the film, if I recall.

While I'm not at all interested in the spring-loaded missile launcher that comes with the figure, a nice unique twist to it includes a removable "kill switch" that is pulled straight from the Rise of COBRA film. A pretty cool touch.

All decked out in a black trenchcoat, improved parts, great weapons. This is an awesome rendition of the Rise of COBRA Baroness figure. I would have much perferred some better situation for her leg movement, but as it stands, she looks great, even if she doesn't move so well out of the package. This figure could potentially get the 5-star treatment if not for that, so instead, she gets bumped down to 4...the leg articulation would have made a big difference. Still a figure I absolutely recommend for your Rise of COBRA display, however, my much preferred version of the Sienna Miller Baroness.

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