For the most part, the 25th Anniversary Scarlett was really good. But her leg poseability still left me somewhat lacking. So I decided to do something about it.

I simply used a Dremel sander to trim some deeper sockets into her lower torso. I haven't taken the time to clean it up yet, just wanted to get a basic feel for how it might work first. If it looks a bit uneven, that's because I wanted to spend just a few minutes getting an idea of how well this might or might not work.

The answer is, it works almost perfectly. Trimming her hip sockets up to this point not only improved articulation incredibly, but it did NOT loosen the hip joints, and from a structural standpoint, her T-Bar still holds firm and solid, and I see no obvious weak points. I'm not sure if they just didn't want to risk the "broken crotch" syndrome of the classic sculpts, or what, but I see no indication that this would be a problem, even with these deeper hip sockets.

Not only is articulation improved, but I think the overall look is improved as well. Even with the o-ring being replaced by a mid-torso joint, simply by carving out these sockets, the figure immediately looks a lot more like the classic sculpts long-time Joe fans are so fond of. It doesn't take away any clear aesthetic elements either, so those non-Joe fans shouldn't be dissuaded at all by the deeper sockets. In fact, with improved articulation, I'm betting non-hardcore fans (the folks who Hasbro really wants to target, since they haven't been buying the figures in recenty ears) will be even more inclined to check some of these figures out.

So, by making a small adjustment to the hip sockets, I think Hasbro will:

1) Draw in more longtime fans, who feel like the new Anniversary sculpts are too different
2) Draw in more longtime fans who are dismayed with the reduction in leg movement, front-to-back
3) Draw in the non-hardcore fans who recognize the vintage G.I. Joe "look" more with the change in tooling here
4) Draw in the non-hardcore fans who are fans of articulation, and will be happy that these figures are so flexible

Seems like a little change could really have a positive impact. Here's hoping future figures might reflect this minor change and make the anniversary figure even better (which is really saying something, since the figures now are already spectacular).