G.I. Joe R.O.C.C. w/ Long Range

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Toy name: R.O.C.C. (Rolling Operational Command Center) w/ Long Range
Assortment: Direct to Consumer Delta Vehicle
Price: MSRP $39.99
Availability: October, 2005

Key Features

- Long Range figure included
- Fold-down windshield to access driver's compartment”
- Weapon ports to attach weapons from other select G.I. Joe vehicles
- Hidden, adjustable launcher fires 8 missiles
- Rolling wheels

- Cab separates from trailer for dual missions
- Adjustable radar
- Fold-down ramps
- Open trailer to reveal command center
- Movable gun turret
- Includes jet with opening cockpit
- Jet attaches to launch platform

Below you'll find a bunch more pictures of the R.O.C.C.'s Command Center and other stuff:

The holes scattered throughout the R.O.C.C. allow for all sorts of other weapons to be plugged in there in different configurations. Guns from the Night Ops HUMVEE and one of the HISS missile launchers make the cab a lot more potent.

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