Welcome to GeneralsJoes entry for the YoJoe Character of the Month. This month's entry is Cobra Commander.

Good ole CC has been one of my favorite characters throughout Joe history, and he has really been an establishing factor in how the line is going at that time.

My entry was inspired by the rumored Cobra Commander "Then and Now" pack which was originally announced early 2002, but sadly, never came to be. The following section is my version of Cobra Commander, Then and Now. A series of images of Cobra Rallies from different points in Cobra History, with CC at the helm.

Big thanks to the YoJoe staff for doing this, and here are my tributes to Cobra Commander:

Cobra Commander Battle Helmet Custom Figure


Profile/Review of 2002 Cobra Commander (O-Ring Version)


Cobra Commander Then and Now

The Early Years

Cobra Going Strong

Battle Corps

Real American Hero Collection

The Modern Era


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